XTransmit 0.5.4

XTransmit 0.5.4, It is a maintenance release, upgraded dependencies, fixed known issues, and have made some improvements.

It's about the network
XTransmit 0.5.4

The data folder “datas” has been renamed to “data”, You can shut down program and copy all files under the “datas” folder to the “data” folder to migrate your data, The “datas” folder is no longer used you can delete it.

The fetch server infomation function has been improved and the old data is not retained, but you can easily update the server information by simply clicking the “Fetch” button on the right side of the toolbar. You can open the server edit view (select “Edit” from the right-click menu of the server list or select the server and press “E”) to see the server information, which is displayed on the right side of the view.

Progress display has been improved but you may not feel any difference, this is because improvements have not touched the UI. Program background tasks (such as ping server, fetch server info) are run in a thread pool managed by .NET, each task has its progress and can be controlled, The progress UI in future release may looks like the progress view in Android Studio.