XTransmit 0.5.3

I released the XTransmit 0.5.3, the initial version number is 0.5.0, After a small update and some improvements, it is upgraded to 0.5.3. The last number (19142) of the version number is only related to Build, it changes every time Build, there is no other meaning.

It's about the network
XTransmit 0.5.3

Unzip the downloaded package to any folder (suggest don’t include special characters in the path) and execute XTransmit.exe. The software will create two folders binary and datas in the current directory. Under the binary folder is the executable files. Under the datas folder is your data, including the added server, IP address, UA list, site template, configuration, and so on.

The software framework can support multiple languages, but currently only English, Chinese is not added. Every language strings have a Key, these keys may change during the development process. If the multi-language is included at the beginning, it will increase the workload when the Key changes. When the language is well organized, there will be multiple languages. My English expression is poor, If you see anything wrong in the software interface you can give me feedback, through GitHub Issues or this article comment. After verification, I will correct it.

There will be lots of problems with new software, and although I have done lots of testing, there are definitely some flaws. So welcome feedback.